EROSIONS & MICROSCOPIES are an ensemble of organic video compositions about movement, scale and real vs artificial nature
With his MICROSCOPIES, Alain Wergifosse reveals mesmerising parallel realities from far beyond the limits of our natural perception,
all those wonderful thing that we miss because we live too fast or we are focused too far away into our daily whorries
he explores mysterious landscapes of textures in motion made of suspended matter in liquids moved by the strenght of surface atraction and repulsion, he watches the eternal cicle of slow crystaline growth and dissolution, he observes the furious battle between the diverse micro-organisms happilly and carelessly dedicated into devouring each ones to the others, the cicles of life and death, the ever growing micro-mycelia reaching for food, all sort of chemical reactions and the constant changes of state of matter under the influence of pressure, temperature and light…
he does all that not at all with the eyes of a scientist but with the eyes of curious wanderer, using scientific tools to capture the poetry of reality,
far from our mirrors, far from our human sized realities


Somehow at the oposite of this, with his EROSIONS he creates his own artificial nature of strange geologies in motion, constantly evolving into organic shapes, colours and textures thank to the deep treatment of video feedback, purelly made into the electronic artificial world of digital tools but resulting into surprisingly similar paterns found in “real” nature, all thanks to a complex series of treatment circuits that seems to allow to play with entropy thru negative feedback

here’s a more intimate visit to MICROSCOPIES at the AW+SPACE in Brussels
here’s another version of the EROSION installation at BOMEL ART CENTER in Namur



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